• Judogi:  Clean Judogi; Under the Judogi you can wear a T‐shirt or thermals during the cold months (there is no heating in the hall).  Judo belt properly tied around the gi and strings tucked away.
  • Footwear:  Slip on footwear. On the mat you need to be bare foot or in winter wearing socks is permitted.
  • Nails:  Short and clean finger and toenails.
  • Hair:  Long hair in ponytail or plait.  NO hairpins/clips or metal ties.
  • Jewellery:  No jewellery, ear‐piercings should be covered with tape if not able to be removed.
  • Water:  Please bring your own drink bottle. Leave drink bottle at the mat edge.      Please take your drink bottle home.
  • Behaviour:  Respectful behaviour to other players and coaches is always expected.   Bowing on and off the mat.

NO pushing, punching, biting, spitting, swearing or calling names.