Kangaroo Judo Club trains in the Gym at Norwood Morialta High School (Senior Campus); 505 The Parade, Magill. The Club trains every week on Tuesday night throughout the year except for the Christmas Holidays. People of all ages are welcome.

Those who are new to Judo and the Club can try the first two nights for free. After two weeks playing Judo the nightly fee is $10 or Term fee of $90.

During the first weeks you can borrow a Judogi (official outfit for Judo). After four weeks if you decide to keep playing a Judogi can be purchased through the club.

After you have decided to make Kangaroo Judo your training club, you need to become a member of Judo SA (the overall Judo organisation of South Australia). The Judo SA yearly
membership is $50 for juniors and $100 for seniors. To register at Judo SA please visit their website (https://www.judosa.com.au/).

During the training sessions parents, carers and family members are invited to stay, watch, chat and have a tea or a coffee. It is an excellent way to get to know the Club, procedures
and other members. For the training Judo mats are used. Every week we need some (parent) helpers with the mats. If you can help please come a bit earlier for setting up mats, or stay a
bit longer for packing up mats, it would be appreciated. The hall is open from 6 pm onwards.

The carpark is a short walk away from the hall and is a public space. We want parents to walk their child(ren) into the hall and collect their child(ren) in the hall after training. Before going onto the mat everybody needs to be signed in and paid for. This can be done via the registration list, near the refreshment table.

The general Judo training schedule of a night has the following parts: warming up, practising rolls and falls, instruction at own level (throws and techniques), sparring (randori), to end the junior session a game, and the official closure of the training session on the mat.

Kangaroo Judo Club is open for new members any time of the year. Gradings will occur twice yearly or when the instructors think it is necessary. During the year several competitions are
organized to get used to official fights or to test your strength and capability. Activities and competitions are advertised during training sessions, email and through facebook.