Classes and Times

Training Night: Tuesday
Mat setup from 6pm
6:30-7:30pm- Juniors under 13 years
7:30-9pm- Seniors
For all beginners, first 2 sessions FREE!

There is also a traditional end of term competition at the conclusion of each school term. A chance to test your skills in a fun and safe environment.

How We Train

Each class is tailored to fit the needs of the Judoka on the mat and will vary from week to week. Generally each session will consist of a warm-up period, a technical session aimed to consolidate information respective to each belt standard followed by a time for Judo Games.

Training is focused on both preparation for competition and grade progression. We offer instruction in small groups with a low coach/student ratio. This ratio will be age and skill dependent.

Everyone new to Judo will be tought how to breakfall (ukemi) so you can fall safely and correctly, the principles of Judo by using appropriate Judo techniques and various rules to ensure a safe and fun judo experience.

House Rules

In order for Judo Classes to run efficiently and safely please:
Attend classes on time
Complete sign-in register, even if you are a beginner
Come dressed appropriately
Always wear foot attire to the mat edge
Bring a water bottle, especially during hot weather. Refill water is avaliable
Always pay attention to the directions of the Sensei on the mat
Always respect the needs of your fellow Judoka
2017 IJF Refereeing Rules