in Adelaide.

Moss was and ex British paratrooper, 6th Dan Judoka and one of the founders of the Judo Federation of Australia. The club name was used until 1971 and then became the Moss Hollis School of Judo and Karate. The title of the “Kangaroo Judo Club” was resurrected in 1990 with the blessing of Moss Hollis at the Norwood Primary School under the current instructors (Harry and Christine Hustig).

Training Times:
Tuesday Nights
Juniors 6.30pm – 7.45pm
Seniors 6.30pm – 9.00pm

Coaches and Volunteers

Kangaroo Judo Club is about offering high quality, qualified Judo tuition to people of all ages and backgrounds.
As part of the Judo community we achieve this by offering a wide range of training, competition and refereeing opportunities at Club and State level including Technical development, Specific Grade and Self Defence tuition, Club ‘Fun and Frivolity’ sessions, State training events, State competitions and Referees seminars.
Kangaroo Judo Club Coaches are fully accredited National Coaches and Referees. We are committed to high quality and current instruction to anyone wishing to learn Judo.

Our Track History:

1975 – 1977 Re-establishment of the Western Youth Centre Judo Club
1977 – 1979Co-founders of the Maesbury Special School Judo Clu
1978 – 1983Marryatville High School Judo Club co-founders
1983 – 1987Walkerville YMCA Judo Club co-founders
1987 – 1990Co-founders of Symonns Centre Judo Club
1990 – 1994Resurrection of the “Kangaroo Judo Club” at Norwood Primary School
1997 – CurrentMembership of Judo SA
1997Incorporation of Kangaroo Judo Club
1998Establishment of “Sister Club” status with the Asahikawa Judo Club in Japan
1994 – 2003Relocation of Kangaroo Judo Club to Burnside Primary School
2003-2020Relocation of Kangaroo Judo Club to Norwood Morialta High School
2020 – presentRelocation of KJC to Ashton Community Memorial Hall, Ashton

Prominent Judoka known to the club include:

Shigeo Kataoka7th Dan Japan Visiting Sensei
Takaeshi  Ito6th Dan Japan Visiting Sensei
Joseph Jones – GunsenStudent  1995 – 2000 National Bronze Medalist 1997
Sarah HunterStudent  1995 – 1999 Oceania Champion
Steven BrownStudent 1997 – 2002 Former Olympian
Ellen WrightInternational Cadet Women Champion 2016

DAN Grade achievements at KJC:

1st Dan

  • Tom Adams
  • Matthew Dawson
  • Talis Putnins
  • Mark Overton
  • David Britten-Jones
  • Roman Zeitz

2nd Dan

  • Nathan Freeman
  • Roman Zeitz

3rd Dan

  • Chris Hustig

4th Dan

  • Harry Hustig
  • Christine Hustig

Throughout the years Kangaroo Judo Club has always been committed to high quality and current instruction of all people wishing to learn Judo.
We have always been enthusiastic toward competition and refereeing at all levels and developing those judoka within the club to achieve their very best within Judo.

The Sport of Judo

Translating to “The Gentle Way”, Judo was created in 1882, by its founder Jigoro Kano. Judo is a modern martial art and Olympic Sport and it’s most prominent feature is to use the opponents movements to your advantage to meet the objective of throwing or taking your opponent to the ground.

Kangaroo Judo Club offers high quality and qualified Judo instruction, from beginner level to advanced Black Belt and beyond. We encourage persons of all ages and backgrounds who wish to learn more about the ‘gentle art of self defence’.

We provide a wide range of training opportunities in the form of competition at local, State and Interstate levels, National Coaching Accreditation Courses, State Team Events, Refereeing Seminars and Technical Development Sessions.

Kangaroo Judo Club is committed to the core values of Judo, namely:

  • Humility
  • Courtesy
  • Friendship
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Honour
  • Self Control

All of which combine as Respect for one’s self and others.

Other information

  • Constitution
  • Member Policy
    The Member Policy encompasses the following protocols:
    • Child Protection
    • Taking Images of Children
    • Anti-discrimination and harassment
    • Sexual relationships
    • Pregnancy
    • Gender Identity
    • Responsible service and consumption of alcohol
    • Smoke-free environment
    • Cyber bullying
    • Social networking sites
    • Safe Judo Practice
    • Hot Weather Policy
    • Fees and Financial Management
    • Complaints
  • Safe Transport Policy
  • Alcohol Management Policy
  • Grading Policy