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Fees / Explanation of Fee Structure

Training Fees
For all beginners, first 2 sessions FREE
$13 per night or $120 per term (including School Holidays)

Families with 3 persons
$33 per night or $330per term (including Scool Holidays)

Families with 4 persons
 $40 per night or $400per term (including Scool Holidays)
Please note that these fees are used to sustain the club’s function, subsidize competition entry and form a base toward mat refurbishment.

Annual JudoSA Fees apply to all Judoka
Annual fees apply 4 weeks from commencement

Juniors under 18 years: $50 for 1st child, $45 for subsequent children
Seniors 18 years and over: $100

Membership applications are done via the JudoSA website.

The Judo Federation of South Australia

Kangaroo Judo Club is a member of the Judo Federation of South Australia, and in turn the Judo Federation of Australia, the Oceania Judo Union, and the International Judo Federation.

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